Customer service

  • Automatic high-accuracy speech-to-text integration for your customer service, contact center, call center or CRM.

  • Combine artificial and human intelligence to bring you accurate and fast transcripts with ease.

  • Available in +49 languages.

  • Installation på plats för känslig information.

  • Improve the searchability and accessibility of every conversation – every word is time-stamped and searchable.

  • Drivs av txtplay tal-till-text ASR-motor som garanterar högsta noggrannhet och snabb leveranstid.

  • Integrated workflow with any platform.

Unleash the power of speech

Förbättra kundupplevelsen

Enhance your entire offering with advanced speech-to-text intelligence. Our unified speech-to-text API empowers Customer Service and Contact Centers (CCaaS) with the ability to transcribe, comprehend, and create value for their customers.

By proactively understanding every customer call, your users can identify trends, discover pain points, and enhance processes ahead of any complaints.

Optimize agent performance

Empower agents with the support and guidance they need by leveraging insights from the best (and most challenging) conversations. Enable supervisors and coaches to effortlessly monitor and improve agent performance.

Complete overview

Kundinsikt och analys

Upptäck den outnyttjade mängd kunddata som döljs i röstinteraktioner.

Genom noggrann transkribering omvandlas konversationer till sökbar och analyserbar text, vilket ger ovärderliga insikter om kundpreferenser, smärtpunkter och framväxande trender.

Agent training & performance monitoring

Harness the potential of previous conversations to fuel effective training initiatives, and deliver personalized feedback at scale to every agent.

Utilize transcribed calls as the cornerstone for implementing best practices.

Intelligent call routing

Integrate with your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to enable you to gain accurate context of user intent that can be used to dynamically route calls to the most suitable agent, ensuring faster resolutions and personalized customer experiences.

Automated compliance

Integrate our API into your contact center operations to effortlessly ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Enhance your compliance standards and achieve peace of mind by automating the real-time collection of accurate conversations.

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Vad kan jag förvänta mig?

  • Automatisk transkription och integration med din föredragna plattform

  • Hög tal-till-text-korrekthet, upp till 98

  • Förbättra sökbarheten och tillgängligheten för alla samtal i din organisation - varje ord är tidsstämplat och sökbart.

  • Förbättra er kundnöjdhet och CX

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